The best way to get strong legs is by incorporating compound exercises in your workout which get all the relevant muscles moving in a way that resembles your body’s normal function. Hence they are not too strenuous and yet very effective. Here are a few of these excellent exercises that will help you achieve strong legs.


Squats are considered the best legs exercise for strong legs.  Indeed, squats are believed to make all your leg muscles stronger by using one simple movement. The idea is to stand so that your legs are shoulder width apart with your hands by your sides, chest lifted nod lower back in a slight arch. The movement involves bending your feet and pushing your hips down to a length that they are parallel to the floor and then getting back up. This exercise can be done with weights to make it more challenging.
What You Need:  Weights – if you want to add resistance.

Wall Squats

This is again a very effective exercise for legs which greatly helps in strengthening your leg muscles. It is also known as an isometric routine whereby which the work is done by building up tension in the muscles and not involving any great movement. To maintain a wall squat, you need to stand with your back against a smooth and stable wall. Slide down this wall to a position where your thighs are parallel. Now press your back against the wall and maintain this position for as long as you can. During the exercise, your shins need to be vertical and your feet need to be flat on the floor.
What You Need: A smooth Wall.


This exercise works on all your important leg muscles while simultaneously improving joint strength and balance. The idea is to stand with your feet joined together and your hands straight down touching your sides. Now take a big step and bend your knees with the back knee going as close as possible to the floor. Next pivot yourself off the front leg and push up from the floor so you return to the starting position. Start doing lunges faster and holding weights when you are confident about your balance while performing the exercise.
What You Need: Weights.

Step Ups

This exercise for legs is incredible - it not only leaves you with strong legs, but it is also an excellent cardio workout and is healthy for your heart and lungs. Any elevated step can be used for step ups; be it a bench, aerobic step or even the stairs in your home. Remember, the higher the step, the more demanding and effective the exercise. Stand in front of the step with your hands by your sides. Starting with the left leg, step up and onto the step and then step down to the starting position. Do this immediately with your right leg then and keep performing this repetition for your desired number of counts.
What You Need: An elevated surface. Stairs; Aerobic Step or a Bench.