The art of yoga undoubtedly has benefits such as cleansing your mind and body of stress causing impurities, but recent research has shown that there are some types or poses in yoga that can cause damage to the body as well. It is important that one is well aware of these poses so as to make sure that yoga remains a beneficial procedure and the sensitive areas of the body it targets, such as the spine are not subject to any damage. Here are some of the ways in which yoga can prove to be detrimental and some yoga poses to avoid.

Yoga Poses Which Might be harmful:

There was a recent article published in the New York Times in which a very famous yogi from New York, Glenn Black talks about how yoga is not the right workout for a lot of people because their body type does not fit it and that’s when yoga poses to avoid becomes a subject of concern. He says that most traditional yoga poses are extensions of the natural poses that Indians incorporated into their daily lives traditionally like sitting cross legged on the floor and squatting. The modern and urbanized people of today are used to sitting in office or school chairs slouched in front of a computer screen all day. If they decide to walk into a yoga studio a couple of times a week and start doing spinal twist , lunges and squats, their bodies will obviously undergo trauma and get affected negatively. As a result, the common man today is not fit to do yoga and therefore it should only be practiced by those people who are physically very fit and flexible. Hence, it can be said that there are no yoga poses to avoid as such, but you need to be a good judge of your body’s limitations.

Yoga during Pregnancy:

The mental and physical relaxation that yoga offers can be very beneficial during a pregnancy. In fact, many women take part in prenatal yoga exercises so that they can have a healthy pregnancy and a relatively less painful birthing process. However, there are many physical concerns that arise when a body is going through pregnancy and sever back pain is one of them. Minor stretching exercises and posture correcting poses can be helpful in alleviating back pain. On the other hand, spinal twists and back bends should be avoided completely avoided as they cause added pressure on the spine and might worsen the pain. In addition to that, pregnant women should avoid poses like the downward dog and stomach crunches. This is because it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the abdomen and thus may cause trauma to the fetus.

Yoga during Menstruation:

During menstruation, women experience incredible tenderness in the abdomen and lower back region and so yoga poses to avoid during menstruation would be those that target these areas. As a result, the cobra pose, the cat dog and the human bridge are a big no no. During menstruation, it is ideal that your yoga workout should incorporate basic breathing exercises that help soothe your body and relieve the painful cramps that you may be going through.