Pilates is a modern workout that will help you lose weight, tone up your body and have a lot of fun simultaneously. And to make pilates more exciting, we now bring to you aqua pilates! This is exactly what it sounds like, pilates in the pool! Not only is this a great way to beat the heat in the summer months ahead, but it has many more benefits for you! Some of the best aqua pilates exercises are designed in a way that there is less pressure applied to your joints because water increases the resistance on your moves. Hence, while you use up more calories trying to overcome the resistance, your muscles are less prone to injury because of the decreased pressure. It’s a win win situation! Here are some of the best aqua pilates exercises for you to try and benefit from:

Poolates squats

This is the best aqua pilates exercise for working out the muscles in your butt, core and legs. You start by standing in on a kickboard at the shallow end of the pool with your feet hip-width apart. Hold your arms out at shoulder length so that you keep your balance. While making sure that you hold the kickboard in place, squat down till your thighs are parallel with the floor of the pool. Hold the pose for thirty seconds and then return to the starting position to complete one repetition. Ten repetitions of this exercise are recommended.


This is one of the best aqua pilates exercise because although the traditional version requires a mat, this can easily be incorporated into a pool workout. This exercise has to be done standing in the pool and is also known as the side stretch. In order to start you need to be standing with your feet at hip width. Extend one arm above your head in a way that you elbow and ear are aligned. Grab a firm pool noodle with the other hand and push it down into the water until your arm is stretched down by your side. This will help you stabilize yourself. Now lean over and stretch the extended arm to the other side of the body. Hold this position for about thirty seconds and then release and come back to the original position. Then repeat the procedure with the other arm to complete one repetition.

Can You do Aqua Pilates Exercises Even if You can’t Swim?

You may have knowledge of some of the best aqua pilates exercises but what if you can’t swim? Not all people know how to swim, but and the good news is, if you can’t, then there are training wheels available. Since your feet always remain on the floor of the pool in all the best aqua pilates exercises, they are suitable for both swimmers and non swimmers. People who may be slightly uneasy in the pool can easily grab on to the sides to be comfortable. There are foam pool noodles and rollers available to support you and help you float as well so that you can perform the exercises without fear of drowning.

It is however, recommended that you have a basic knowledge of pilates before you get started on the aqua version. Most aqua pilates classes give you a basic training involving breathing techniques and stabilizing core muscles before introducing you to the pool so there is really nothing to be worried about.

So what are you waiting for? Join your nearest class now and let aqua pilates work its magic on your body. As always though, consult your doctor before you make any changes in your fitness routines.