What is 'Anusara' Yoga?

Anusara Yoga is a relatively new type of Yoga – it was founded several years ago in 1997, by John Friend, a Yoga teacher.  Anusara Yoga is based on the concept of ‘celebration of life’ and is believed to be inspired by Hath Yoga.  Anusara Yoga’s official website claims that this type of Yoga is "grounded in a Tantric philosophy of intrinsic goodness".

Health Benefits of Anusara Yoga

  • Practicing Anusara increases immunity, thus it can reduce your chances of falling ill.
  • Anusara Poses are believed to be particularly helpful to heart-health!
  • The breathing exercises are great for lung power!
  • It increases flexibility of the body – particularly stretching out the ligaments, tendons & muscles. 
  • It is believed to increase energy levels.
  • It is believed to reduce stress levels.

Understanding Anusara Yoga - The 3 A's!

The practice of Anusara yoga is categorized into three main parts, which are commonly known as the three A's of Anusara Yoga. They include; Attitude, Alignment, and Action.


Attitude is connected to a tantrik concept described as the power and energy of fullness. According to John Friend, “attitude is the power of the heart as the force behind every action or expression in an asana." 


Alignment is another tantric concept. Alignment is about the power of awareness of how body parts are integrated. John Friend states that alignment is the “mindful awareness of how various parts of our body are integrated and interconnected.”


The third ‘A’ of Anusara Yoga is Action. It is related to the body. As per John, it’s the “natural flow of energy in the body, which provides both stability and joyful freedom.” It explains the power of action in relation to the natural flow of energy in your body.

Is Anusara for You?

Anusara classes are cheerful, constructive, and enjoyable. However, keep in mind that this is not the easiest form of Yoga.  Anusara promotes using props and is welcoming of students of varying capabilities. Anusara will appeal to those who search for intrinsic wellbeing and spirituality..