Athletes and people involved actively in sports need extra leg power and speed. The reason why improved leg power and speed is important is because athletes and sportsperson require increased speed and improved ability to withstand force, weights and to perform better overall. Hence, there are specific exercises which are especially designed for fulfilling these purposes.

Jump Squats

Jump Squats are an excellent Plymoteric exercises which can be very effective for improving speed and leg power. To perform this exercise you have to stand straight with your arms by your side. The feet should be placed at shoulder distance, then start by doing a squat and jump up with pressure as high as you can, then come back down to squat position. This exercise has effect on the knees and ankles and needs a lot of attention. Stretching the arms up high can make the exercise more effective. You can even change the intensity of the workout by adding weights.

Interval Sprints

Performing interval sprints can be very difficult, however, they are considered to be one of the best leg exercises. Interval Sprints need to perform on a day when you are only working on leg exercises since it can be energy draining. This exercise involves sprinting as fast as you can for about 20 seconds and then resting for half a minute, then sprinting again and so on. This exercise is very effective and will get you drenched in sweat in no time. So if you are looking for an exercise to improve speed and strengthen legs, interval sprint should be included!

Calf Raises

Calf Raises is one of the best leg exercises which aims at improving leg power. Calf raises can be performed easily if you follow four simple steps, for this you will need a chair. First stand straight against the chair and hold the chair for support. Second is to make some distance between your feet. Then slowly raise your heels until you are in a tip-toe position. Lastly, pause for about 15 seconds then lower yourself down slowly.  You can even make the exercise more challenging by removing the chair or adding in weights.

Power Step-Ups

One of the best exercises to improve speed is Power step-up. This exercise determines you leg speed, movements and coordination. In order to perform this exercise you fish have to use step and place your right foot on it. Then push the step with the right foot and switch your legs while you are in mid-air so that the left foot will land on the box. The aim is to improve leg coordination and speed at the same time.

Heavy Barbell Squat

This is the king of all exercises. This exercise is very effective and works on the entire body, it especially focuses on the legs. This exercise involves using the heaviest weight that you can lift safely. First put on a weight belt for protection, then position the barbell in way that you will be able to pick it up easily. Then lift the barbell, keeping your legs straight. Then go down to squat position with the weight on your shoulders and breathe in and out slowly, then stand up and put back the barbell. This exercise is perfect for anyone who wants to work on his/her entire body.