It’s just so easy to hole yourself up at home in the winter, eat your way through the comfort food stocked in the pantry, and camouflage the added weight under layers of clothing. If you’re not an outdoor fitness enthusiast and have no immediate plans to apply for a gym membership anytime soon, then a few indoor winter exercises are just what you need!

These ten simple best exercises for the winter season will help you stay in shape without any fancy equipment or elaborate exercise schedules. What better way to keep the pounds off your frame than a few easy indoor best exercises that you can practice at any time of the day in the comfort of your home, safe from the biting cold and freezing wind.

Best Exercises for the Winter Season

Spend a little time warming up your muscles before you kick-start your exercise routine. A few simple stretches and lunges are enough to loosen up those muscles for the best exercises that you are about to perform!

Winter Exercise # 1- Dance

It’s fun, energetic and leaves you feeling amazing! Apart from helping you burn those stubborn calories, and being a great form of cardiovascular exercise, dancing releases endorphins (feel good hormones) into your system. That’s why dancing to your favorite music is just so addictive! If you’re interested in trying out different dance styles, buy a few Dance DVDs for beginners and have a blast!

Winter Exercise # 2- Jumping Jacks

Remember how jumping jacks were one of your favorite childhood past times? Well, turns out that all that physical exercise holds some solid calorie blasting potential! If you’re still in the process of improving your stamina and endurance, start off slow with a set of 10 to 20 jumps. Bring it up gradually to 50 jumping jacks in a row.

Winter Exercise # 3- Jump Rope

Jumping rope is another fun way of giving the whole body a solid toning and sculpting workout. The best part about jumping rope exercises is that you can add your own twists to the exercise and make your own exercise sequence to break the monotony and add a bit of a challenge to the exercise. Start off with 10 second jump rope sessions, take a break and increase the time duration to 20 seconds and so on.

Winter Exercise # 4- Exercise DVDs

Winter is the perfect time to try out new exercise forms. If you’ve always wanted to give aerobics or zumba a shot, invest in the exercise DVDs of your choice and get started in the comfort of your home!

Winter Exercise # 5- Pilates

You might still think of Miley Cyrus as a Disney star, but you have to admit that Pilates has done wonders for her fitness level. Pilates are a great way to tone and strengthen your muscles. You can access some great pilates workouts online!

Winter Exercise # 6- Take the Stairs

It doesn’t get any easier than this! Construct a little workout comprising of running up and down the stairs for a set duration of time. Stair-based workouts are actually a great way to get the cardio exercise your body needs to stay healthy and fit.

Winter Exercise # 7- Yoga

This winter you can improve your physical health and mental well-being by investing your time in the traditional discipline of yoga. You could join a yoga group so that you can obtain additional guidance from the qualified yoga instructor, or buy a yoga beginner’s DVD set to guide you through the basics of yoga.

Winter Exercise # 8- Clean Up

If the thought of jumping jacks, zumba, yoga and any other exercise form that requires a conscious effort makes you shudder, you can give your body a bit of an exercise by cleaning up! Shoveling snow, sweeping and moping helps to burn calories! Increase the speed of your movements if you want to burn more calories.

Winter Exercise # 9- Exercise with Wii

Interactive games like Wii Fit are a fun way to get in shape! These games are especially designed to help you get into shape using strength training and aerobics techniques.

Winter Exercise # 10- Group Dynamics

If exercising alone sounds dull and boring, make a fitness group to up your enthusiasm to work out! Choose an exercise form that the entire group is interested in such as zumba, and use exercise DVDs as a reference.  Exercising with other people will keep you motivated and make the entire experience fun and enjoyable!


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