How many times have you searched and searched for the most efficient and convenient ways to lose weight without having to take up exercise classes or eat a special diet? While, it is true that you need to exercise regularly and practice proper nutrition for weight loss. There may just Yes, here is a list of the most eccentric and odd ways you can lose weight! But hey, they may be weird but they work! So take a look and read on!

Eccentric Weight Loss Tip # 1:

Brush Your Teeth

This weight loss tip works by reducing the extra calories that one consumes. By brushing your teeth after a meal, signals are sent to your brain that your meal is over and helps curb you from over-eating. Moreover, the mint flavor of toothpaste and the feeling of clean teeth will also work to discourage you from eating any more than you need to.

Eccentric Weight Loss Tip # 2

Eating In Front of a Mirror

This concept also relies on helping one reduce their overall caloric intake. Individuals who need to lose weight are bound to better notice just exactly how much food they are consuming.  Moreover, a study noted that eating in front of the mirror is likely to discourage an individual from consuming fatty foods.

Eccentric Weight Loss Tip # 3:

Trying to Re-Fit Into Old Clothes

When one finds that their old clothes don’t fit anymore they slip themselves into baggy sweatpants and t shirts, this is a horrible thing to do and one gets a little too comfortable and accustomed to it. What you need to do it try squeezing into those clothes to know what your main goal is! This will help act as a constant reminder of what you need to do. Another eccentric tip for weight loss would be to buckle your belt a few inches tighter before sitting down to eat. As this will help you stop from overindulging as soon as you feel your belt has become too tight!

Eccentric Weight Loss Tip # 4:

Eat In Dark Utensils

Eating in a dark plate (as opposed to the conventional white plate), helps prevent you from overeating.  Most individuals feel hungry by the visual appearance of their food.  After a certain point, we tend to eat out of pure temptation as opposed to fulfilling ourselves. However, your food is likely to look less visually appealing in contrast to the dark background which means that you won’t eat just because your plate looks tempting.  

Eccentric Weight Loss Tip # 5:

Wear Tight Outfits Out

Wearing a relatively fitted outfit when you go to a restaurant will help curb you from over indulging in high calorie meals. In tight clothes, you are more aware of your health goals while you are eating.

Eccentric Weight Loss Tip # 6:

Chew Slowly

Chew your food slowly and really just enjoy the food you are eating. Taste the flavor and then swallow. This will also work to reduce the calories you may be mindlessly consuming!