What is sleep deprivation? Well, broadly speaking, sleep deprivation is a lack of essential sleep. Sleep deprivation is probably found most commonly in high stress jobs and young college going kids because in their efforts to maintain school work and their social life. Both tend to forget how important sleep is for the body. It has been said time and again, that a decent eight hours of sleep at night are as crucial for the body as food and water and are absolutely crucial for one to be able to function normally. Not only that, but sleep deprivation is particularly harmful for youngsters because their bodies and minds are still developing and lack of sleep can actually hamper this development. And apart from this factor, sleep deprivation can lead to many other complications as follows.

Declined Performance at the Workplace/School

A tired body, more importantly, a tired mind can obviously not perform at optimum levels. Sleep deprivation leaves you feeling groggy and therefore experience laziness at work or school which is why you cannot do as much work as you normally would. While this is the physical aspect, it also leaves the brain tired so that you are practically a zombie and have limited productivity which is bad news.

Slower Reaction Time

When the brain does not get its required amount of rest every night, its function decreases so that there are less synapses firing in a sleep deprived brain. This causes hand eye coordination to become poorer and your reactions to become slower. This complication of sleep deprivation can have effects like a bad performance in sports. But apart from that, the more dangerous implication is that the chances for road accidents are heightened as the body reacts slower to obstacles on the road.

Psychiatric problems

Since sleep deprivation leads to fatigue, a constant occurrence of this will lead to you constantly feeling overworked and making it seem like you can never get the work done. This can lead to psychiatric problems like stress and depression. Apart from that, the constant sleep deprivation takes you to the point where you are too exhausted to sleep and not being able to sleep can again lead to disorders like anxiety.


When you haven’t slept the night before, you constantly keep munching the entire day to keep yourself awake. This leads to a constant intake of calories and if the sleep deprivation occurs on a regular basis, it may lead to weight gain issues.

Immune system

A sleep deprived body results in one where the immune system does not work up to the mark thus leaving the body susceptible to diseases all the more often.

Simple Ways to Cure Sleep Deprivation

Although intense levels of this condition require medical attention, there are some measures that you can take to try and solve the problem. These measures include;

  • Taking a hot bath before going to sleep so that you are relaxed and find it easier to sleep.
  • Using over the counter sleeping pills although this is not recommended.
  • Changing your pillow and mattress as that may be the reason.