Ear pain in both adults and children can be a great source of discomfort. It can be dull or sharp, temporary or constant and in both ears or one. Not only that, but it can be attributed to a large variety of causes some of which are treatable at home while others require proper medical treatment and care.
Have you ever suffered from ear pain and ignored it? Well, that was a bad call. Ear pain is nothing to make light of .You should dig seem to identify what the underlying ear pain causes could be. The most common causes for ear pain are identified below.


This basically refers to the bony protruding area of the ear getting a bacterial infection. This condition occurs when untreated bacteria spread from the centre of the area to the air filled spaces known as mastoiditis air cells in the back. These cells then become filled with fluid which in turn gets infected and causes ear pain. In this process of infection, the cells do swell up due to the fluid and the entire are becomes inflamed posing a threat to the bony structure at the back of the ear. Apart from the pain, mastoidis also has some very severe consequences if left untreated like poisoning of the blood, deafness and damage to the tissues around the brain.  If you suspect that mastoiditis is the ear pain cause then it’s suggested that you seek medical care.

Otitis Media:

A simple explanation of this ear pain causing condition is an inflammation and infection of the middle ear due to the buildup of some forms of bacteria. The most common way that this is concurred is due to fluid building up behind the ear drum. Although ear infections are very common, this particular kind is particularly common amongst children. There are three kinds of otitis media which are acute otitis, otitis with effusion and chronic otitis with effusion. The most commonly occurring type is acute otitis media which brings about typical symptoms like fever, ear pain, fluid behind the ear drum and a swollen and itchy middle ear area.

Tympanic Membrane Perforation:

The National Institute of Health has stated that this condition refers to a tear in the tympanic membrane or what is commonly known as a ruptured eardrum. The eardrum is like a piece of cartilage which serves as a divider between the middle ear and the outer portion which vibrates every time it is hit by sound waves. There have been a number of reasons cited for this perforation of the ear drum such as a very large noise or a sudden change between the pressure inside and outside the ear. Apart from that, incredibly loud music, scuba diving or a cotton tip stabbing your ear can also cause this damage to occur. You can recognize that a person has undergone tympanic membrane perforation when they are experiencing severe ear pain, leakage of liquid from the ear, a buzzing sound being heard or extreme dizziness all of a sudden.  This ear pain cause is also to be checked by a health practioner.
The ear is therefore a very sensitive area and it needs to be protected from the buildup of bacteria by keeping it clean and to not clean it using cotton buds as that are very likely to stab your ear and therefore, hurt you.