Women are just as easily prone to heart attacks as men are. To some women, heart health would be the last worry on their mind what with their busy schedules and hectic lifestyle; however the threat of heart attacks to women is very real and needs to be paid attention to. Heart attacks in women is not a recent health concern. 

Unlike men, women may not experience obvious heart attack symptoms. In fact the heart attack symptoms in women are very subtle when compared to men and are therefore easily overlooked, making it all the more important for us to list these symptoms and help create awareness. Below is a list of all the possible symptoms women may experience before having a heart attack.

Disturbed Sleep

This is most common heart attack symptom in women. It may not be unusual for you to feel tired and exhausted following a very hectic week or month, or even due to lack of sleep because of a tough schedule or kids. Nevertheless, it is important for you to keep a special eye on your sleep patterns, especially due to the common man's busy lifestyle which can make it more difficult to notice why you may be experiencing disturbed or persistent disturbances in your sleep cycle. Research shows that women who have suffered heart attacks usually and commonly suffered disturbed sleep patterns in the days or weeks primary to their attack.

Unusual Fatigue

Again, it is very important that you take notice of the stem of your exhaustion. Many may not be able to pin point the stem of their exhaustion due to already hectic schedules. However if you are repeatedly feeling tired, exhausted and lethargic you need to consult your doctor as this is a serious symptom for a coming heart attack. Research and studies results show that 70% of women suffering from heart attacks reported having feelings of fatigue weeks and days prior to their attack.

Shortness of Breath

This shortness of breath is not your usual after exercise reaction. If you have in only recent occasions started to experience a shortness of breathe without doing any serious exercise or movement (minimal activity), then you need to consult a doctor as this is a symptom of a heart attack and heart disease. You may even experience this shortness of breath with or without chest pain. Therefore may not just be about being out of shape.

Chest Pain

Chest pain may not be a common symptom in women as most women experience heart attacks without any warning of chest pain. However, even if it may be uncommon, it is still characterized as a heart attack symptom for women. Therefore, if you experience intense pressure, like a heavy weight is sitting on your chest commonly described as 'elephant weight' instead of sharp pain, then you need to immediately rush to the ambulance as this is a very crucial symptom of stroke in women and for heart disease in both, men and women.

Sharp Pain in the Arm, Neck or Jaw

The most common description of an occurring angina attack or heart disease symptom is severe pressure on the left side of the chest that radiates and travels all the way up to the neck, jaw and down the entire left side of the arm. However do not expect to experience pain in all areas at once for you to declare it a symptom as many women have even reported just feeling pressure in the chest, arm of even just in the jaw and neck.

Nausea and Indigestion

Just like men, even women are very likely to experience vomiting, nausea and indigestion before suffering a heart attack. This symptom however is likely to happen along with some other symptom. If you are just experiencing nausea and indigestion, it is probably just a bug. However a visit to the doctor is always advised to better clear out possibilities.

Anxiety and Palpitations

If you have only recently started feeling as if your heart is skipping and have recently started feeling more anxious, it may be because of an irregular heartbeat which occurs due to lack of oxygen in the heart. This is another symptom of stroke in women and is advised for you to rush to the ambulance as soon as this happens.

Pale Skin

Due to a blocked artery, you can experience a sudden drop in blood pressure which results in poor blood circulation. This can cause clammy, sweaty and pale skin, also a symptom of heart attack in women when combined or paired with another heart attack symptom.