11 Tips: How to Have Great Skin

11 Tips: How to Have Great Skin
by Intent.com | January 4, 2012

Everyone wants to have good skin and with these 11 simple tips, getting good skin is easy to gain. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. The Mediterranean diet is great for skin. Salmon and foods rich in omega 3’s make a positive impact. When it concerns your skin, you are what you eat. Note: Sugar is inflammatory.

  • Keep your skin clean and moisturize dry skin; dermatologists recommend moisturizing dry skin twice a day and overnight.
  • For oily skin use toner or natural fruit acids.
  • A little sun is healthy and mood- elevating. However, protect your face by wearing a sunscreen.
  • Green tea is anti-inflammatory and in the lab has been shown to heal skin.
  • Drink water to clean out toxins.
  • Exercise to shed stress hormones and improve circulation.
  • Get your beauty sleep; skin  regenerates and hormones  balance.
  • Don’t smoke and stay away from second hand smoke and other obvious pollutants.
  • Aim for good health. When you are healthy, you look more youthful and act that way. Illness weighs you down and saps your energy.
  • Smile and you will look younger and prettier.
  • Don’t force your beauty. Enhance it. Avoid harsh chemicals and treatments. Avoid drastic changes and a lot of makeup. Simplify with a more natural approach. Express who you are – not some artificial ideal. Don’t mask the real you. Living the truth of who you are is gorgeous!


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