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Fitness Republic Workout Videos


Fitness Republic's great online tools include an entire library of Mini-Videos that you can use to create a personalized workout routine. These short, easy-to-follow exercise videos have been designed by our team of fitness experts and certified professional trainers. No matter what your level of fitness, or what equipment you have, we have videos and workout routines for you!

Exercise Categories

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Beginner Workouts

Reverse Hyperextension / Leg Lift Exercise

Reverse Hyperextension & leg lift exercise basically targets the muscles of the back, legs, gluteus, hips and also works positively on core abdominal muscles

Tricep Standing Overhead Press Exercise

Triceps standing overhead press is a multi-joint movement to strengthen your arms, triceps & shoulder muscles. Standing position targets the core muscles as well along with the upper body muscles

Best Recommended Workouts:

  • Side / Oblique Ball Crunches Exercise

    Side / Oblique Ball Crunches Exercise

  • Agility Jumping Exercise Video

    Agility Jumping Exercise Video

  • Standing Side Bend with Medicine Ball Exercise

    Standing Side Bend with Medicine Ball Exercise

  • Crab Walk Exercise

    Crab Walk Exercise

  • Crunch Exercise Video

    Crunch Exercise Video

  • Lying Back Extensions Exercise

    Lying Back Extensions Exercise

  • Pelvic Tilt Exercise Video

    Pelvic Tilt Exercise Video

  • Exercise Ball Crunch Exercise Video

    Exercise Ball Crunch Exercise Video

Dips Exercise

Dips exercise is a great workout in strength training that works ...

Upper Body Exercises

Reverse Lunges Exercise

Reverse lunges provide more challenges to more muscles in your ...

Lower Body Exercises

Upright Row with Dumbbells Exercise

Upright row is a common strengthening exercise significantly ...

Upper Body Exercises

Exercise Ball Crunch Exercise Video

The Crunch is an effective way to strengthen the core abdominal ...

Core Exercises

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